How do I get Recertified?

ACTION Recertification Overview

Recertification is a mandatory process designed to ensure that ACTION Personal Trainers continually enhance their competency level. For this purpose, ACTION recertification guidelines require applicants to obtain continuing education throughout the year. This consistent focus on continuing education will allow Personal Trainers to stay abreast of the latest scientific research, professional standards, and personal training strategies.

ACTION Certification Trainers need to renew their certification every two years. This time interval was chosen by the ACTION Governing board due to the rapid change in scientific knowledge and evolving practices of personal trainers.

Recertification by Exam

It is against NCCA guidelines to allow recertification by taking the same exam twice. Normally, this would mean once you are certified you must recertify by earning Continuing Education Credits (see next section).

However, if you previously passed the online exam, you can recertify by taking the NCCA Accredited exam in a testing center. Passing the exam will upgrade you from a certificate to full certification. Your certification will be valid for a further two years. If you go this route you do not need to apply for recertification, we will waive the recertification fee, and you do not need Continuing Education Credits. This is a big savings in time and money and gets you the full certification.

Continuing Education Credit

ACTION Certification requires Personal Trainers to obtain 2.0 CECs. ACTION has chosen a two-year time frame to encourage ACTION Personal Trainers to invest in continuing education on an ongoing basis. Throughout the year ACTION Certification provides an array of CEC contact hours via self-study programs and online classes. ACTION Personal Trainers should take advantage of at least one of these programs every two to three months to enhance their training skills and exceed the minimum CEC requirements. All CECs obtained within the two-year time frame will be applied to the current recertification application.

A list of available CEC classes offered by ACTION Certification and its partners is available on your portal at

Recertification Process

ACTION Personal Trainers must submit the recertification application. For full details on requirements and the process, please download our Recertification Guide.

Recertification applications and all documentation should be saved using your name in the file name and uploaded to

The access code is recertification.


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